How Pubs Make a Difference, not just for Christmas and New Year's Eve – but all year round.

In the heart of every community, there's a place where laughter echoes, where stories are shared, and support is ever-present. Pubs, often seen merely as social venues, are in fact pivotal in strengthening community bonds. Through PubAid, we've witnessed remarkable contributions made by pubs and it's a story worth sharing.

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By Abi Owers, Contributor, PubAid

31 December 2023

The Role of Pubs in the Community Pubs have long been more than just establishments for eating and drinking. They are social hubs, where people from all walks of life come together. In times of joy and hardship alike, pubs have stood as beacons of community spirit. From charity events to local support groups, they offer a platform for communal growth and solidarity.

Amplifying Positive Impact PubAid has been instrumental in showcasing the charitable and supportive side of pubs. Through various initiatives, pubs across the country have raised funds for local and national charities, provided support for community projects, and even stepped up in times of crisis to offer essential services. These actions go beyond business; they reflect a deep-seated commitment to community welfare.

Success Stories and Testimonials Across the UK, there are countless examples of pubs making a real difference. Take, for instance, Beth at the The Beeswing Inn who fundraised extensively for the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, raising over £64,000 to improve its palliative care facilities. Or Regular Hero Glyn Hassell at the Dog and Parrot in Nottinghamshire, who working with landlords Kathryn and David helped raise £45,000 for charities including the MS Society, RSPCA, Children's Air Ambulance and Combat Stress. Patrons and beneficiaries alike echo a similar sentiment – these places are more than pubs; they're pillars of the community.

Encouraging Community Participation Our message is clear: support your local pub, not just as a customer, but as a community member. Participate in events, spread the word about their initiatives, and if possible, volunteer. Every pint bought, every event attended, contributes to this cycle of community support.

Pubs play a vital role in knitting the fabric of our communities. Through PubAid, we've seen the powerful impact of pubs in promoting community spirit and aid. Let's raise a glass to these unsung heroes who serve not just pints, but purpose and positivity.

If you are a pub that would like recognition for the great work you do in your community, or if you would like to nominate a local pub for the great work they do – you can do so here

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