Brewing positivity with People's Captain

For those who don't know about People's Captain, let us introduce you to them. People's Captain not only lovingly produces delicious craft beers, but they are also driven by a life-affirming and heart-felt purpose: "To make social interaction count, because every time we are together, there is an opportunity to have a great conversation and check in with our mates."

By Caroline Southwell, Head of PR & Brand Communications, Punch Pubs

08 May 2022

The origin of People's Captain is personal. In 2018, Greg Bateman, a professional rugby player currently playing for Newport Gwent Dragons, struggled with his own mental health. At the time, he did not understand his feelings, how to process them or know where to turn.

Thankfully, during this challenging time, he had a beer with his best friend, who encouraged him to share time, feelings, and thoughts. This beer with a mate set Greg on his path to recovery and profoundly helped his mental health. His epiphany was that most things we all need for favourable mental wellbeing, on a social level, are skills we can learn. This realisation, coupled with Greg having brewed beer as a hobby for many years, meant that People's Captain was born, and the rest is history.

And Greg isn't alone. Every year, one in four people in England struggle with their mental health. Combined with the recent challenges of Covid-19 and the current cost of living crisis, the need for support has never been greater.Despite this, only one in eight find the treatment they need to get better, stronger and feel good again.

So, from working with local craft breweries and rugby clubs, Greg set his eyes on something much bigger: helping to build social connections through stronger communities, exciting beers, and positive social impact – through People's Captain.

So, where does the pub come in?

The Great British pub is a unique institution, a safe and welcome place for everyone to enjoy any occasion. And, when it came to partnering with a pub company to launch People's Captain, Burton based Punch Pubs & Co fit the bill.

Punch pubs is committed to Doing Well by Doing Good: improving lives and communities with pubs at their heart. Consequently, its recent partnership with People's Captain is doing just that, using the power of beer and the good old British local to bring people together.

In addition to stocking Legend APA – a session American Pale Ale – several Punch pubs have hosted beer tasting fundraisers to support some inspirational UK mental health initiatives. Publicans & Management Partners running Punch pubs used these events as a catalyst to raise awareness of the importance of looking after each other's mental health. This inventive campaign challenges the stigma sometimes associated with speaking out head-on.

After all, some of our most meaningful conversations happen over a pint. The Great British pub is famous for being at the hearts of our communities, making it the perfect place for People's Captain to brew positivity both literally and figuratively.

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